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Jacob's Well: A Texas Swimming Hole

There aren't many things better than a cool dip on a hot summer day; these dips always remind me of my youth when summer would stretch out in front of me like an endless adventure. Jumping into Jacob's well always elicits the same memory, and now I am fortunate to be able to take my daughter there for the same experience.

When Jacob's well was first discovered, it wasn't quite so placid, but water would gush up from the well often creating a naturally powered fountain shooting water four to five feet high. Imagine the delight of the people who happened upon this sanctuary in the rough Hill Country Terrain.

The well is in trouble; as the Hill Country has been developed the well no longer offers the magical fountain it once did. It is still crystal clear and refreshing, but if steps aren't taken to protect flows of water we could lose the well. This is a place that is worth visiting, and worth protecting. If you are ever travelling through the area come by and see it for yourself; if we are not careful with our management, the next time you pass through, it may be lost.

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