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Get Out of the Way: The Devils River

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

If you want to see out of the way places, you have to be willing to go out of the way. In far West/South West Texas, around Del Rio/Comstock is some of the most stunning and rugged country you can find. Often described as the most pristine river in Texas, the Devils River offers an interesting study in contrasts.

Imagine exploring, trekking through unforgiving terrain hoping to find a respite from the snags, the heat, and the canyons... and then you find the river. A source of life; refreshing and cool, this river has probably saved, and taken, many lives.

From the Blue Hole to Dolan's Falls, the Devils River offers many opportunities to reflect on the importance of water in this harsh place, and to our survival everywhere.

There are many such places; cherished locations where we can recharge our batteries and ponder our real size in the larger scheme of things. There is only one catch, if you want to go see out of the way places, you have to be willing to go out of your way. Believe me, its worth it.

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